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Partnerships and Teamwork Facilitate a Successful Office Relocation

b2ap3_thumbnail_Total-Networks-Office-400.jpgReal estate brokers, landlords, interior design architects, employees, cabling, cubicle furniture, movers and IT management all come together to successfully relocate a business. At Total Networks, managing the technology portion of office moves is a core part of our business. Across all of our clients, at least one of them is either moving or getting ready to at any time. It had been over 5 years since we moved ourselves, though.

 Like many businesses, we knew a different space was needed at the end of our lease. By late 2013, the office space that seemed cavernous in 2009, then had a person in every seat which was impeding growth. We’re now all nestled into on our new suite on the 2nd floor of the State Bar of Arizona Building and we couldn’t be happier. Our new space meets our needs of creating a productive work environment for our growing business, is in an even more central location with even easier access to our clients, and with space for education and training. We are thrilled with the outcome and look forward to sharing our new office at an upcoming open house (more info on this to come shortly).

We’d like to highlight two partners that truly delivered and helped make our move a snap. Both Avocat Group and Elontec share the same core values as Total Networks – taking pride in our work, and being advocates for our clients.

Commercial Real Estate Broker
Avocat Group was our commercial real estate broker, or rather our real estate “Advisor”. While it is likely true that any broker can find you a building, what we liked about Avocat Group was their approach. Not one time in our process did they try to even nudge us in one direction or the other. They told us at the outset that their job was to educate us about the market and our options and then to work with us to expedite the leasing process. And that is what they did. They patiently walked us through the various steps of leasing, educating us about what was “market,” what was fair and what was not. They provided us in-depth spreadsheets and analysis so we always knew where we were in terms of dollars and cents. What is more, on every spreadsheet they even spelled out what their commission would be so we would know there was no bias of one building or another.

They did all the work – literally wrapping up the deal while we were lounging on the beach in Hawaii. They worked hard, they were honest and we learned a lot from them throughout the process. Our thanks go out to James Robinson of Avocat Group (!

Office Relocation, Cabling and New Furniture
Elontec assisted with moving our office, complete data and voice cabling, and providing cost-effective and high-quality refurbished cubicle and new conference room furniture. Total Networks enjoyed working with Elontec because they are unique in that they have integrated service lines to assist companies when they are moving, expanding, or opening new locations. Being a sole source vendor really takes a lot of the hiccups, scheduling conflicts, and other unforeseen obstacles out of the way. Elontec provides certified and highly skilled professionals to complete a project that is expertly coordinated and delivered.

Elontec takes pride in everything they do, both at work and out in the community.  They were awarded the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Impact Award in 2008 for Community Service.  Owner and President, Ginger Clayton founded the very first Diaper Bank of Central Arizona where Elontec also assists in providing, and distributing 1,000,000 diapers each year to non-profits that help families in need.

Jill Trout (, Elontec Inside Sales Manager, commented “It was a pleasure to work with Total Networks for their move, they are a well-honed machine. They are the dream client; they know what they want and what they need and ask for guidance when needed, which was not very often.”

IT Services
Of course we handled all of our IT and telephone items just as we do for our clients. Moving is a big deal, and everything must go well. If your business is considering a move, consider consulting with Total Networks. We will help minimize IT downtime and stress by helping coordinate with other partners. We regularly review and help ensure you’re getting the best deal on circuits and phones, and everything else. Most importantly, we ensure everything is properly planned and executed. We help ensure you have the best possible moving experience so everything is stress-free and efficient so you continue to deliver for your clients without interruption.

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