When comparing the experiences of my recent managed services provider with Total Networks, the service was worlds apart….LITERALLY! After switching to Total Networks, I felt much clearer about the direction we were headed, better about the choices we made and I was actually experiencing the ease of doing business (the time savings) that the previous provider promised but NEVER delivered on. My time has truly been freed up!

John Binsfield

General Southwest Insurance Agency

Our business was growing, and we felt that it was a great opportunity to look for a new IT Provider that could help us to get setup. We began talking to Total Networks early on before our move, and they have been with us through that transition. I have referred them to anyone that I know that is looking for an MSP.

Tom Hayden

Business Development Manager, Premier Underground

The bar set by our previous IT partner was set low due to our rapid growth and business model changes; our IT needs were not addressed appropriately or comprehensively like they are now.

Total Networks raised the bar significantly with not just our IT Partner but our Business Partners in general. We look forward to continuing to improve our IT systems and processes as well as continue to find IT solutions to many of our business processes we would like to improve. We are completely happy with the relationship we have developed with Total Networks, as well as appreciate the referrals that have generated new and important Business Partners. I appreciate your team and specifically how fantastic they have been to us.

Solana Bottem

Director of Operations and Information Systems , Western Asset Protection

For over 13 years, Total Networks has provided our firm with outstanding IT support. They understand the unique needs of the legal industry and make sure that we’re making the right decisions regarding the future of our technology. My time isn’t consumed with dealing with technology details so I can focus on building our business.


Kevin J. Newell

Chief Operating Officer, Hymson Goldstein & Pantiliat, P.C.

Our Business is More Secure with Total Networks

I am particularly impressed with my regular meetings with Total Networks’ President Dave Kinsey, where we meet to plan for my company’s technology. Our business is more secure with Total Networks. Total Networks employees are great to work with and they deliver outstanding 24×7 support. This level of system security, redundancy, and availability provides us peace of mind that system issues will not threaten our ability to get payroll processed correctly and on-time. We are very pleased with our decision to go with Total Networks to provide our IT service. It’s been a refreshing experience working with Total Networks and I recommend them highly.

Don Klassen

Partner, CFO Financial Services

Total Networks has proven to be a valuable extension of our in-house IT resources at Jennings, Strouss & Salmon, both strategically and in our day-to-day operations. I wish we had more partners like Total Networks that meet or exceed our expectations. We get everything we ask for and more from Total Networks, and I would highly recommend them.


Chris DiMasi

Director of Information Technology, Jennings Strouss

I personally handle a great deal of technical issues directly, so the Support Assist program is a perfect fit for us. When it makes sense for me to handle something, I do it. Whenever I need some help, or I’m busy, or unavailable, Total Networks has us covered. They provide a very cost-effective solution that includes comprehensive system monitoring and powerful system admin tools including a great remote control PC support solution. We have attorneys in multiple states and others that are often on the road. An effective and efficient support system is critical for us. Using Total Networks’ system inventory tools, systems can’t just “walk off” without my knowing. The most important part of our relationship, of course, is the people. Total Networks has great people that are easy to get a hold of 24×7. I’m very happy with the support we get from Total Networks.


Julie Skelton

Firm Administrator, Bauman Loewe Witt & Maxwell

Total Networks has the expertise required to support a law firm’s IT needs.  The owner, Dave Kinsey, has a management style and an honest focus on cost control and efficiency, which I respect and trust.  I have no hesitation recommending the Total Networks team to service your IT needs.

Holly Einspahr

Firm Administrator, Radix Law

Dave and the team at Total Networks have done a wonderful job setting up and maintaining our servers and network.  We made fairly drastic changes to our system when we first joined forces and I was very happy with the great communication and support received. They have continued to provide wonderful customer service and respond very quickly to all of our issues, both large and small. I also love the peace of mind Total Networks provides by ensuring our data is efficiently and effectively backed up and protected through their Total Protection tapeless backup system.  I know our information is well-protected and can be easily accessed if needed, which allows me to focus on running the daily operations of my firm instead of worry about our data.


Whitney Goodwin

Firm Administrator, Controller CPA, Ryan Rapp & Underwood

We are happy with our decision to partner with Total Networks. Our IT infrastructure and service is a critical a part of our business. Total Networks has partnered with us to provide a secure technology environment, standardize processes and equipment and provide a platform to leverage the services we offer to our clients.  Total Networks is available 24/7 and we appreciate regular meetings to ensure budgets, issues and/or strategic initiatives are discussed.

Jacqueline McAfterty

Chief Operating Officer, Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC

Since we partnered with Total Networks, we’ve been more productive. It’s a fast-paced world, so we need systems that just work whenever and wherever. Our technology now works better than ever. Dave has assembled a truly remarkable team – they are incredibly knowledgeable, responsive and patient. We never need to wait for anything and our people love working with them. I love Total Networks and wish we had other vendors like them!



Pam Tidd

Firm Administrator , Ridenhour, Hienton & Lewis

Partnering with Total Networks has been the best technology decision we have made.

Gregory L. Miles

Founding Partner, Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC

Total Networks Restored My File in Minutes and Made My Day!

Shortly after investing hours on changes to a document, I discovered that my changes had been accidentally over-ridden by another individual in our office. When I called Total Networks for help, Debbie asked, “Do you want the file from 3:00 or 4:00?” She restored both versions, and restored exactly what I needed with all my edits, saving me hours of time recreating my work. I’m glad Total Networks has got our back!



Shawn K. Aiken

Aiken Schenk Hawkins & Ricciardi P.C.

Total Networks has notified us of potential issues before they become problems

I would recommend Total Networks managed services to anyone.  We merged with another firm and added a second physical office.  We would not have been able to meet the short timetable to make things happen without Total Networks. Having someone available 24/7 has been amazing! I appreciate that Total Networks takes a proactive approach to our company’s IT needs. For example, the continuous monitoring is wonderful and Total Networks has notified us of potential issues before they become problems. Prior to this firm, my experience was with in-house IT departments. Total Networks can respond faster and with less push-back than most in-house departments.  When contacting Total Networks I feel like a valued client and that makes everything easier.

Carrie Valenzuela

Firm Administrator, Christian, Dichter & Sluga, P.C.

Dave Kinsey and his team take a business-oriented, proactive approach to managing technology. Rather than simply reacting to problems or telling us we that we need to upgrade this or that, Total Networks is much more effective business partner. They take the time to meet with us in a consultative fashion allowing us to jointly prioritize and develop a solid technology plan for the future.

Kathleen Trejo

Firm Administrator, Aiken Schenk Hawkins & Ricciardi PC

I always get excellent and immediate service from our Total Networks techs. Someone always answers the phone, and their customer kindness is always evident. Thanks!!


JoAnne Huff

Western Asset Protection

I love Total Networks and the Total Support Program! We have so few issues with our systems and Total Networks provides an immediate response to all our questions. Everyone in our firm can call Total Networks about anything, any time day or night, and get an effective, immediate response. There are strong personal relationships between our employees and Total Networks staff. We know they are always looking out for our best interest. I’m personally more productive on Total Support since I’ve been freed up from handling all technology issues, and I don’t have to worry about the bill. Total Networks additionally provides very good prices on hardware and software with all installation and setup included at no extra charge. I would highly recommend them to any business owner.



Regina Myers

Law Office Manager, Charles F. Myers, P.A.

We are a growing small business so this is our first IT Support company we have worked with. Total Networks has been an absolute lifesaver for us. They have saved us on countless occasions and work hard to keep us up and running and compliant. The service I like the best is the ability to have a technician come onsite to help with all matters. On several occasions, we have had a technician come in to solve an issue we didn’t even know about yet. Total Networks is always one step ahead and makes us feel that our technology is safe.

Alex Bordt

HIPAA Officer, Melmed Center

Optimized Technology Performance Leads to Increased Productivity, Improved Client Service and Firm Scalability

To support the firm’s growth, Davis Miles decided to partner with Total Networks in late 2012. The firm appreciates the important role technology plays in the productivity of the firm’s most valuable resource – their people. Technology plays a critical role in ensuring that all staff have the tools they need to work productively and efficiently. Top-notch technology allows Davis Miles to keep matters organized and to stay connected to their clients.

Teamwork, Excellence and Innovation Lead to 167% Growth

Mr. Struck says, “Finding the right space and negotiating the lease took some time. Figuring out the various technological details appeared daunting. Bill Fox, Total Networks’ Sales Director, did an amazing job of pulling together all of these details and coordinating with many vendors. We really appreciated the great guidance you provided.”