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benefits of security awareness trainingEvery dollar spent on security awareness training significantly reduces your business’ vulnerability to cyberattacks.

69 percent of users across the US and Europe, admitted to sharing their passwords and account logins with colleagues. And, according to the Ponemon Institute, users reuse the same login and password for an average of 5 accounts, business and personal.

Consider it this way, locking your doors and setting an alarm will offer very little security and protection against an intruder who knows the alarm code and comes in the front door using a key.

Teaching your employees best practices for good password hygiene and providing additional security awareness training is a must if you want to maintain a strong security defense against the growing cyberthreats targeting your business.

Doing this not only helps you save thousands of dollars in the event of a breach but could prove to be priceless when avoiding long-term costs such as lost customer trust and damage to your business’ reputation.

Everyone knows it is better to be safe than it is to be sorry. In this case, it is likely to be cheaper too!

Find out how our security awareness training solution can help bolster your security posture to protect your business from growing security threats and risks, and help you safeguard your crucial revenues and profits during these challenging economic times.

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