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group-photoWe often have great ideas on business development, but find execution a challenge. LawCountability, founded by Mr. Ari Kaplan, is a smart way to execute, build accountability, consistency, and creativity into your professional career and business development.

Total Networks President Dave Kinsey and VP of Customer Service Bill Fox were first introduced to Mr. Ari Kaplan, owner of Ari Kaplan Advisors, at the ALA Leadership Event a year ago. Mr. Kaplan is the author of “Reinventing Professional Services: Building Your Business in the Digital Marketplace” and is a consultant, strategist writer, coach and speaker inspired to help students, professionals and organizations reinvent themselves in today’s changing business world. Ari Kaplan emphasizes that thinking of others and becoming memorable are the hallmarks of reinventing yourself or your organization.

LawCountability provides 10-minute weekly programs on topics ranging from networking and content creation to social media and follow-up. The program is used by firms of all sizes, and leverages technology to foster accountability with effective reminders and planning tools. To supplement the application’s reminder protocols, subscribers can work with an accountability colleague to help hold you accountable of achieving your goals.