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Work anywhereWe all know that in the legal profession, meetings move fast, deadlines hover and your clients need nothing less than perfection. And instant remote access to critical information – from client records to court documents to time sheets – is a non-negotiable necessity.

So if you are regularly experiencing missed deadlines, slow access to important documents, security compromises and a general sense of anxiety when it comes to your IT, you may be suffering from Remote Access Dysfunction.

Below are some of the most common symptoms associated with Remote Access Dysfunction.

Symptom: E-file deadline dread

If you’ve ever tried to E-file a document by a certain deadline only to find that you can’t access your important documents remotely, you have Remote Access Dysfunction.  Access to your documents should be seamless and work when you need it most.

Symptom: Your VPN is MIA

Can you say with 100% certainty that your VPN is truly protected? If you are working remotely and your network is not protected you could easily download a problem. Whether it’s a virus, a hacker or just a plain old connection failure, keeping your data secure is crucial. A bad case of Remote Access Dysfunction can send your security into a downward spiral.

Symptom:  Connecting catastrophe

Time is valuable when juggling a demanding caseload. Your responsiveness and communication to clients must be fast. Which means connecting to your most important documents must be efficient and reliable. But when connecting becomes difficult or unreliable, you might just have just contracted Remote Access Dysfunction.

Symptom: Data back-up disaster

Has this ever happened to you? Your system goes down and you try to restore your data and… nothing. You are responsible for confidential and data sensitive documents and losing that information can prevent you from servicing your clients.

Or you have two people working on a document and one person overwrites another and you need to pull up those older versions and you discover all of that work is lost? Remote Access Dysfunction is probably to blame.

Prescription: Your remote access is nothing to play around with. You have an ethical and professional responsibility to provide your clients with confidential and fast service.

So, if you’re suffering from the above symptoms and they go unchecked, your firm’s security and integrity will continue to be compromised.

The best prescription to avoid costly mishaps is to assess your current IT protocol and make sure that your IT professionals are performing continual back-up checks, properly configuring your data management system, and providing proactive solutions to keep your IT running smoothly. Without that, you might just find you and your firm with a case of permanent bedrest.