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Is Your Phoenix Business Prepared?

Business Continuity Planning for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Preparedness Planning

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the globe, the likelihood of it impacting your business increases. Being prepared in advance will reduce business disruption. Technology plays a major part in this plan.

Your Management should be actively discussing your individual company Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans. As with the possibility of any natural disaster, Total Networks has always recommended our Partners have a plan in place for the disruption of normal business operation and the distribution of your workforce for an extended period of time. Consider your business continuity plan for various scenarios, such as workplace illness, school closures, reduction in availability of procurement, reduced or paused travel, and transition to teleworkers.

The CDC has some recommendations for business which you can read here. If you have any further questions regarding your IT plan, please contact us.

Total Networks: Your IT Planning Guide


We collaborate with our IT Support clients to jointly create and maintain an up-to-date 3-year, effective written technology plan and budget. This planning includes strategies to fill security, compliance and business continuity gaps to reduce risks and increase productivity. 

What is the best way to work remotely? Total Networks has helped our clients with the simplest infrastructure to achieve a modern workforce. Contact us to get an assessment for a plan tailored to your business needs.

Business Strategy Meetings

Our managed IT service includes face-to-face meetings with business owners to focus on high-level business strategy. We also prepare strategic technology assessments we review with your technical manager to ensure compliance and security issues are addressed.

LIfeCycle Management
Your Director of Client Service will work with you to develop a plan to refresh equipment to  maintain supported operating systems and efficient hardware. Your plan will help manage warranties, software subscriptions and software updates.
Vendor Management
We coordinate with other vendors for things like circuits, printers, internet, conferencing, faxing and more. Total Networks’ IT vendor management solutions will help reduce your frustrations and headaches, getting you top-quality services at the right price.
Security Focus
Total Networks is committed to security best practices. All IT Support plans include security tools. We also provide a security assessment, identify gaps, and create an action plan to continually update your business security technology tools and systems.

Reviews of Our IT Support

Tom Brook
Tom B.
17:25 23 Apr 20
Yet another issue solved by this all star team! Thank you for everything you've done in getting our new system setup and running smoothly!
Wes Caspers
Wes C.
16:33 18 Feb 20
I have had several occasions to request assistance from Total Networks; every experience has been excellent
Diana Fisher
Diana F.
20:13 12 Feb 20
Not only did they help me. The staff was super helpfully and took time to check back with me they next day to make sure my promble got fix right.
Elena Grant
Elena G.
00:47 14 Jan 20
As always Total Networks is GREAT!!!!
jared leung
jared L.
01:24 07 Jan 20
Great support. Luke is always there to help me, even when I had trouble overseas.
Tamara Urban
Tamara U.
00:36 11 Dec 19
This company is one of the best I've dealt with over the past year. I highly recommend them. They have all the knowledge we ever need and the few times they have had to learn a little more about a random program, they haven't hesitated to work hard to do what was needed.
Bonne Holloman
Bonne H.
23:46 10 Dec 19
Thank you Total Net Works for the years of assistance you have provided for me. Some of my problems have not been easy for the techs to figure out but they never give up on me and always have provided a solution to my technical problems. Each of your Technicians have been so nice and very patient which calmed my nerves when my computer would not cooperate with me. 🙂 One way or another they never give up and stay right with me until the problem is solved. You have such a great caring company and I am so very grateful for such excellent service! 🙂 Thank you again,Bonne joy Holloman 🙂
Phil Walls
Phil W.
20:08 26 Nov 19
Great company to work with. Service is always fast, effective and professional.
Carole Marx
Carole M.
18:31 14 Nov 19
Erik at Total Networks solved my printing issue very quickly.
Gladys Scott
Gladys S.
23:18 28 Oct 19
always answers the phone great friendly and knowledgeable staff
Lainey Pizanis
Lainey P.
16:04 21 Feb 19
Scott came to my rescue today, again! He's always able to help me and is patient. Thanks again, Lainey
Kathleen Counihan
Kathleen C.
23:29 18 Oct 18
Total Networks exceeds our expectations. The staff are professional, knowledgeable, responsive and treat everyone with the utmost respect. Shawn and Chris are a great team of technicians. We would like to have them back for future projects. Thanks guys.
Mary Depoe
Mary D.
20:55 18 Jul 18
Absolutely a delight to work with every person on duty when I call. They stay with a problem until it's fixed. They are knowledgeable, dependable, friendly and extremely good at what they do.
front desk
front D.
21:53 29 Jun 18
I think every office should have TN! This is the best and smoothest IT company of any of the law firms I've worked in (20+ years).
Tim Hoffland
Tim H.
22:36 22 Mar 18
Excellent support, knowledgeable staff and fast response times!
Char Cruz
Char C.
22:15 22 Mar 18
The techs at Total Networks are reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them.
Allison Duffy Skeif
Allison Duffy S.
19:23 12 Feb 18
Dave and Stephanie at Total Networks have an excellent team of highly skilled engineers to solve your office technology challenges. Bonus is their whole staff is a pleasure to work with!
Rick James
Rick J.
21:21 11 Dec 17
Hands-down the best IT company out there, they are available 24/7 and provide excellent customer service and support. I would highly recommend these folks to any business looking for a quality IT company!
Kevin Studdard
Kevin S.
22:28 20 Nov 17
Thanks Scott! Some people in your office would say my expectations are very high and it’s hard to get a good score out of me and that may be true, but you deserve the scores I've given you today. You kept me updated every step of the way and you were really on top of the situation. You are a great addition to the TN team. Thank you for all you have done on this ticket. I not only look for TN to resolve the issue, but I look for the customer service piece provided a long the way. You nailed on both counts. Well done and thank you!
Matthew Estabrook
Matthew E.
16:27 20 Sep 17
As a technology consultant, I know what business IT professional services should look like. Total Networks embodies these principals, delivering the highest level of customer service and system availability around. If you need a managed services provider in Phoenix, it doesn't get much better than this!
Jennifer Molina
Jennifer M.
21:41 19 Sep 17
I always receive quality service from Total Networks. Cory was so helpful. He quickly and efficiently solved my problem.
Michel Wilds
Michel W.
23:43 10 Aug 17
“Shawn is a superstar!!!! We have enjoyed him and are so impressed with his expertise, his calmness in handling every situation and his attention to detail. He listens to every problem and quietly fixes it. Never in the 25 years that I have been here have I experienced a more educated, professional who not only knows what he is doing but does it with grace and without talking down to the employees and professionals here that are not as technically savvy as he is. Thank you Shawn!!! Linley is always quick to respond to my needs and follows through with anything that we are needing and has always been very kind and professional.”
Carrie Valenzuela
Carrie V.
22:15 29 Nov 16
I really appreciated that Debbie followed up on my help "ticket" and kept working on the matter until it was FULLY resolved. She is one of the many great staff members at Total Networks.
Kara Rosseaux
Kara R.
18:59 11 Sep 16
Our experience with Total Networks has been very positive. They are responsive and are a true business partner in every sense of the word. In an industry where time is money, all efforts are made to minimize interruptions in service and their forward thinking strategic approach is key to our business.
Gina Sanfillippo
Gina S.
22:07 29 Aug 16
Working with Total Networks was an amazing experience. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciated their “come in and take over attitude” while at the same time being that “behind the scenes, quiet giant” that watches over quite honestly, the most important aspect of our business – client data. They are responsive, professional, knowledgeable, sure-footed and kind. They treated everyone with the utmost respect no matter who called in with a service ticket. The techs always remained patient when someone called in, no matter how big or how silly the request might have been. THANK YOU TOTAL NETWORKS!
Dr. Watson
Dr. W.
19:05 08 Jul 16
Debbie is absolutely wonderful to work with. Her prompt attention to all details and helpful guidance is appreciated very much. Our partnership with TN is outstanding and Debbie has helped prove this time and time again!
Becky Trujillo
Becky T.
21:16 16 Jun 16
Total Network's has been amazing to work with, compared to what we had before - it's like night and day! Their ticketing system is great you know that they are working on getting you a resolution and if one person doesn't know the answer or they can't fix the issue; they will work together as a team to figure things out.
Stephanie DeBuhr
Stephanie D.
19:26 16 Jun 16
Dan worked with me on an issue that I was having relating to combining multiple files and multiple types of files using a new program. He was wonderful and really spent a great deal of time first figuring out a process and then teaching the process to me. Over the next few days both Luke and Dionte followed up with me to make sure everything was working as it should. All three guys are terrific to work with. The follow up is greatly appreciated.
Alan Soelberg
Alan S.
21:40 11 May 16
Great experience with Total Networks. The tech was thorough, clearly communicated and helped me understand my options, then promptly executed my desired outcome. Thanks Total Networks! Big thumbs up.
Eadie Rudder
Eadie R.
20:13 09 May 16
My last contact was with Tony and I frequently work with Debbie and Marc. Always get a good result!
Kristen Richard
Kristen R.
15:46 21 Jan 16
Shawn at Total Networks is my go-to guy for any computer problems. He is energetic and helpful when it comes to explaining the issue and how to avoid the problem in the future. The great thing about Total Networks is they are happy and willing to help with the smallest request to the most complex request and everywhere in between.
JoAnne huff
JoAnne H.
19:26 30 Dec 15
I always get excellent and immediate service from our Total Networks techs. Someone always answers the phone, and their customer kindness is always evident. Thanks!!
Next Reviews
When comparing the experiences of my recent managed services provider with Total Networks, the service was worlds apart….LITERALLY! After switching to Total Networks, I felt much clearer about the direction we were headed, better about the choices we made and I was actually experiencing the ease of doing business (the time savings) that the previous provider promised but NEVER delivered on. My time has truly been freed up!
John Binsfield

General Southwest Insurance Agency

Total Networks has the expertise required to support a law firm’s IT needs.  The owner, Dave Kinsey, has a management style and an honest focus on cost control and efficiency, which I respect and trust.  I have no hesitation recommending the Total Networks team to service your IT needs.
Holly Einspahr

Firm Administrator, Radix Law

We are happy with our decision to partner with Total Networks. Our IT infrastructure and service is a critical a part of our business. Total Networks has partnered with us to provide a secure technology environment, standardize processes and equipment and provide a platform to leverage the services we offer to our clients.  Total Networks is available 24/7 and we appreciate regular meetings to ensure budgets, issues and/or strategic initiatives are discussed.
Jacqueline McAfterty

Chief Operating Officer, Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC

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