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Document Management

Save Time and Money.               

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Improve Your Organization… by Being Better Organized!

Have you ever wasted time looking for a document?

                    Are there documents or emails that are “squirreled away” in someone’s private folder or inbox?

                                Then it’s time to improve your Document Management System!


An effective document management provides a simple and easy way to file documents and emails so that you find them when you need them so that you can effectively share and collaborate. Strong document management not only improves producitivity and client service today, it allows you to continually build a database of intellectual work product and knowledge that you can resuse for years to come!

Knowledge and document heavy industries such as the legal industry (both law firms and corporate legal departments) have been long-time adopters of document management systems such as iManage, NetDocuments, or systems embeddeded into legal practice management systems. However, a wide variety of industries could benefit from a good document management system. Additionally, with the proliferation of Office 365 which includes Sharepoint, powerful document management capabilities are in the reach of more businesses than ever.


Arizona’s Document Management Experts

Total Networks was originally founded in 1986 as a Document Management solutions provider. While we have long since expanded our services beyond Document Management, we remain Arizona’s leading provider of Document Management. We have worked with many solutions over the past 25 years; we are familiar with and can support many of them such as iManage and NetDocumentsDedicated document management solutions are the best approach for many document-intensive organizations. Many applications offer an integrated document management system which may or may not be the best option for your firm. Additionally, there are many situations where our clients are best served with a simpler, less expensive approach leveraging Sharepoint Online which many firms already own since it is included with Office 365. We help our clients understand all of their options and make the best choice.


Full Service: From Initial Review through Implementation

Total Networks provides complete Document Management services including:

Review of Current Business State and Document Management Options

High-Level Design, Vision, and Project Management

System Implementation

Aligning Workspace Design to Match Your Business Needs

Data Migration

Employee Training

Ongoing Support, Upgrades, and Retraining to Take Advantage of New Features


    Let us show you what excellent Document Management can do for your business!