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routerAccording to a study by Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Communication (FKIE), vendors have failed to fix hundreds of vulnerabilities in their consumer-grade routers, leaving people exposed to a wide range of attacks. The FKIE examined 127 routers spanning seven large vendors and found security flaws in all of them, it said in a report released in late June. It called its results “alarming.”

Even the best devices had at least 21 critical vulnerabilities and at least 348 rated with high severity, the study found.

COVID-19 makes the results particularly worrying because so many more people are now working from home, the Institute said. That means many more people could be exchanging sensitive data with their employers via these devices.

What You Can Do

Discuss a good cybersecurity plan of action with your IT provider. This includes investing in the right anti-malware tools, ensuring all your software programs are updated, and updating security patches released by your software vendors as soon as they are available. Educate your staff on common cybercrime tactics so they don’t accidentally expose your IT network to cybercriminals. Total Networks can help you make sure your IT infrastructure is safe.

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