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We are excited to announce our updated Service Portal! 

The portal is simple to use. Simply right click the Total Networks icon in the lower right corner of your computer or go to and log in with your Microsoft credentials.

This allows us to create custom forms that are unique to your organization for complex requests such as new user creation. This will replace any word or excel templates you may currently be using. Through better validation and automation, it will be simpler than ever to request new accounts and we will provide a more consistently excellent experience for your new users. We are also working on automation to reduce errors and safe us all time.

Our new IT Portal provides everything IT in one convenient spot:

  • Improve Productivity
    Enjoy a functional suite of tools that are designed to make your staff work smarter and more efficiently.
  • Get What You Need
    Request equipment or software
  • Decrease Clutter
    Make sense of IT reports and data that are visible within one centralized location, available whenever you need them.
  • Save Time
    Experience faster ticket resolutions powered by intelligent routing to get you and your team back to the work that really matters.
  • Increase Transparency
    View open tickets to see exactly what we’re doing for you.
  • Automation
    Fields entered in support requests will automatically create a ticket for our team to get started with all the information we need. Certain fields can be automated using scripts.
  • Enhance Security
    Train users with customizable courses and knowledge articles to give your staff the skills they need to prevent threats.

Please contact me at if you would like an account, have questions or suggestions.