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Total Networks brings your Business IT to the next level

We proactively collaborate with clients to develop a Smart IT Plan to avoid technology potholes. We take time to understand where you are headed. We continually research how IT is evolving, and Total Networks ensures that you are well equipped for the journey.

Total Networks’ unique approach ensures:

  • Fewer IT disruptions or distractions
  • Productive, efficient employees
  • Carefully planned upgrades for lower costs
  • Immediate, effective support 24/7.

Plans tailored for your needs

Whether you are a 10-person firm that needs complete support or a 200-person firm that has in-house IT staff, Total Networks has a plan that will suit your needs.

  • Small Business:   Total Networks acts as the IT department for many small businesses. Total Networks can be your firm’s IT staff, providing high quality service at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house support.
  • Medium-Sized Business:   We also serve many medium-sized businesses. These firms often have in-house IT support staff with Total Networks acting as a strategic partner. We have the training and experience to deal with certain issues for which the firms’ in-house staff may not be equipped. We are there for these clients when their IT staff is on vacation or ill. These clients can also take advantage of the many resources Total Networks can provide that are not cost effective for an individual company to purchase for sole use.
  • Large-Sized Business:   Some larger firms may have an IT Department, but still benefit from a relationship with a strategic technology partner. Total Networks offers system monitoring and ticketing tools to your IT staff. We also can provide backup during busy times or when you have special project demands.
  • Specific Technical Solutions:   Total Networks provides plans that are tailored to fit your company’s individual needs. In addition to IT Support, we offer many other useful solutions to help your business run efficiently and productively, such as Document Management, Business Communications, Backup & Disaster Recovery and more. We offer flexible solutions to meet your individual needs.

Regular Business Technology Reviews and Planning

You cannot afford to be blindsided by risk issues or surprise expenses. Total Networks works together with you to jointly create and maintain an up-to-date, effective written technology plan that identifies areas for improvement, technology options, and forecasts for future costs. We ensure you are productive and focused on your business, not distracted by technology.

Vendor Liaison

Total Networks is your One Point of Contact. We eliminate the need to coordinate with other vendors for things like circuits, printers, internet, conferencing, faxing, web hosting and more. Total Networks’ IT vendor management solutions will help reduce your frustrations and headaches, getting you top-quality services at the right price.

Total Support

Would you like to have all of your technology concerns handled so you can focus on your business? Through our Total Support managed services program, we are able to meet your technology needs for a fixed monthly fee. This provides you with peace of mind knowing that Total Networks will make sure your systems “just work” with a predictable budget just like your monthly rent expense.

Support Assist

Would your in-house support team benefit from partnering with a trusted technology advisor? We provide strategic assistance to numerous clients with in-house IT staff under our Support Assist Program. Our expert consultants can help your IT staff with tools and assistance to increase their productivity and efficiency. We also provide them the backup support they need on occasional vacation or sick days, without leaving the business exposed to unacceptable risk.

Plans for In-House IT Teams

Could your in-house IT Department use automated monitoring or ticketing tools? With our monitoring plan you will be alerted to issues before they become problems, and make you a hero! Take advantage of our ticketing system, and you will be able to easily track and manage all of your IT help desk issues. If you want our help, just forward the ticket to Total Networks and we’ll efficiently handle the issues you assign to us.

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