Virus Protection

virus protectionTotal Secure Virus Protection – How to Stop Spam, Viruses, Hackers, and Pop-Ups from Taking Over Your Computer

Malware and virus infections are on the rise world-wide, but clients on our Total Secure plan are virus and malware-free with our virus protection plan. We are so confident in this service, that we include free virus removal should any protected PC become infected. Modern malware is very sophisticated, constantly changing and evolving, exploiting security holes before the latest patches are developed, and frequently several steps ahead of even the best antivirus and anti-malware software. Total Networks fights back with a multi-layered security approach involving a sophisticated network security device and related software subscriptions along with proper configuration & maintenance.

Viruses and malware are incredibly disruptive and expensive. It’s a hit to the productivity of the infected person and the cleanup itself can be time consuming and expensive. Total Secure puts an end to malware for a low monthly rate. Total Secure is included as a standard feature of our Total Support Program.

Total Networks’ Total Secure plan is a comprehensive multi-layer security service involving hardware, software, subscription services, installation of software/firmware updates, including monitoring & management. While no system is perfect, and we therefore cannot guarantee 100% elimination of infections, we are standing behind this service to include no-charge malware cleanup for any desktop systems protected under this service. Should a desktop PC protected by Total Secure become infected, Total Networks will remove the virus infection for no additional charge.

We also offer the functionality to implement additional web traffic filtering to manage non-business related activity, such as social networking sites or on-line games. Additionally, if desired, Total Networks will configure the Total Security appliance to provide internet access redundancy via multiple circuits.