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Managed IT Services

Better results through proactive planning

Total Networks brings your Business IT to the next level


We proactively collaborate with clients to develop a Smart IT Plan to avoid technology disruptions. We take the time to understand where you are headed. Our managed IT service ensures that your technology strategy keeps evolving and being effective.

Strategic Managed IT Services

We collaborate with our clients to jointly create and maintain an up-to-date 3-year, effective written technology plan and budget. We schedule proactive visits, we provide training. We help ensure that our clients’ technology is efficient, effective and take advantage of the latest advances in technology.

Responsive Support

We avoid recurring issues and effectively fix things right the first time. As a result, we get relatively few calls for help, but we are immediately available to help anytime day or night.

Effective IT Solutions

We exist to provide time for our clients – time to be efficient and productive. We honor our clients’ time by helping ensure that everything works correctly in the first place and whenever our clients need help we provide that assistance as rapidly as possible and with the least impact to our clients.

Managed IT Services Plans tailored to your needs

We focus on businesses between 10-200 employees in size. For firms on the smaller end of the scale, we usually perform complete IT outsourcing. As firms grow, we continually evaluate our role and the roles of internal staff to ensure that we’ve got the right approach.

Total Support

Would you like to have all of your technology concerns handled so you can focus on your business? Through our Total Support managed services program, we are able to meet your technology needs for a fixed monthly fee. This provides you with peace of mind knowing that Total Networks will make sure your systems “just work” with a predictable budget just like your monthly rent expense.

Support Assist

Would your in-house support team benefit from partnering with a trusted technology advisor? We provide strategic assistance to numerous clients with in-house IT staff under our Support Assist Program. Our expert consultants can help your IT staff with tools and assistance to increase their productivity and efficiency. We also provide them the backup support they need on occasional vacation or sick days, without leaving the business exposed to unacceptable risk.

Plans for In-House IT Teams

Could your in-house IT Department use automated monitoring or ticketing tools? With our monitoring plan you will be alerted to issues before they become problems, and make you a hero! Take advantage of our ticketing system, and you will be able to easily track and manage all of your IT help desk issues. If you want our help, just forward the ticket to Total Networks and we’ll efficiently handle the issues you assign to us.

Regular Business Technology Reviews and Planning

You cannot afford to be blindsided by risk issues or surprise expenses. Total Networks works together with you to jointly create and maintain an up-to-date, effective written technology plan that identifies areas for improvement, technology options, and forecasts for future costs. We ensure you are productive and focused on your business, not distracted by technology. Increasingly, we are being asked to help advise on online presence and marketing (people are finding us online and telling us we must be doing something right). We will not manage your marketing, though, far too many simply outsource this. Will offer advice to help you manage this and/or your vendors around this yourself.

Vendor Liaison and Vendor Reduction/Streamlining

Total Networks is your One Point of Contact. We eliminate the need to coordinate with other vendors for things like circuits, printers, internet, conferencing, faxing (yes, some people still insist on faxing),  and more. Total Networks’ IT vendor management solutions will help reduce your frustrations and headaches, getting you top-quality services at the right price.

I love Total Networks and the Total Support Program! We have so few issues with our systems and Total Networks provides an immediate response to all our questions. Everyone in our firm can call Total Networks about anything, any time day or night, and get an effective, immediate response. There are strong personal relationships between our employees and Total Networks staff. We know they are always looking out for our best interest. I’m personally more productive on Total Support since I’ve been freed up from handling all technology issues, and I don’t have to worry about the bill. Total Networks additionally provides very good prices on hardware and software with all installation and setup included at no extra charge. I would highly recommend them to any business owner.



Regina Myers

Law Office Manager, Charles F. Myers, P.A.