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Cybercrime and You - September 2019 newsletter



This month’s topic: Cybercrime & You

Human error is the root cause of almost every breach. Clicking on a phishing link. Using weak passwords. Failing to update software and firmware. Accidentally uploading sensitive data to a public forum. None of these require “hacking,” and they’re evident in every example above.

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Dave KinseyDon’t Feed the Phishers

Managing IT security has many facets and layers. However, phishing continues to stand out as likely the most persistent and dangerous threat of all. Moreover, it appears to be getting even worse. Awareness programs and training to help everyone identify phishing emails and how to handle them are essential components of any security management plan.


Total Networks Ranks #159 in top 500 MSPs

Total Networks Ranks #159 in top 500 MSPs

We are pleased to announce Total Networks has ranked on Channel Futures 2023 MSP 501, the tech industry’s most prestigious list of managed service providers worldwide. Total Networks gained an envious position on this list due to our technical talent, growth-oriented...

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Security Audits – How do I Respond?

Security Audits – How do I Respond?

Ransomware continues to rise and is getting increased national attention. Even if you are not a large pipeline or meat-packing plant, do not be fooled into thinking this is unlikely to affect your business. Correspondingly, businesses of all sizes are adding...

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Summer 2018

Security Awareness Tips for Your Business
Welcome the Newest Member of the TN Team – Nick Redwine
Win a Pair of Tickets to see the Diamondbacks v. Angels
Modern Business Communications

March 2018

5 Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Your Business
What is the Weakest Link in Your IT Network?
Targeted Ransomware Checks for Particular Attributes
3 Types of Software and How Businesses Use Them
5 Ways a Managed Service Provider Can Help Your Business
Managing Gmail with Labels and Filters

February 2018

Customer Service Success Story
There Are New Ways to Secure Your Data
Hitman Email Scam Threatens Your Life, Instead of Your Data
Where the Internet Stands in 2018
Is Your Business Considering Moving to Managed IT?
Do You have a Unified Strategy to Your Business’ Communications?
Do You Know What Your Android Permissions Actually Mean?

January 2018

Small Businesses Face Challenges in 2018
Warehousing Your Organization’s Data Can Bring Serious Benefits
Getting Back to Basics with Data Backup
Managed IT Delivers Some Serious Value
Data Recovery Considerations the Other Side of Your Backup Plan
How Technology Allows Fake News to Spread

From the Archives - 2017 Newsletters

December 2017

Total Networks’ Staff Holiday Wish List
Why Hasn’t Mobile Payment Really Taken Off?
Captivated and Inspired by Haben Girma: A Global Inclusion Leader
The Value of Outsourced IT
Is Your Organization Utilizing Software from the Cloud?
Thieves Materialize Most Around the Holidays




November 2017

Total Networks’ Training Service and Concierge Team at Your Service
3 Useful Microsoft Word Features
Useful Tips for Project Management
Remote Maintenance Makes Technology Management So Much Easier
Should Companies Be Punished for Data Breaches?
Natural Disasters Can Have a Major Impact on Business




October 2017

Packing Meals and Saving Lives
Welcome Sharon McChesney to Total Networks!
Create Envelopes For Your Whole Contact List With Word
Here’s How We Help You Avoid Tech Trouble
4 Tips That Can Help Your Business Better Manage IT Projects
Data Backup Isn’t as Simple as You May Think
What Happens to Your Data When You Delete It? The Truth Will Surprise You



September 2017

You’re Invited: Total Networks Open House
Teaching Leadership & Strength Through Surfing
What Makes Managed IT the Best Option?
Why SaaS Is Better for Your Business’ Software Needs
What Hackers Are Looking For On Your Network
3 Trends That Are Changing the Role IT Plays for Your Business
Tips on Business Continuity Planning from Financial Institutions
What We Can Learn From IT Statistics



August 2017

Welcome Scott Nowacki to Total Networks!
Feed My Starving Children Charity Event
How Does Technology Consultation Help?
How to Best Take Advantage of Data Backup
Is Productivity a Part of Your Technology Strategy?
Maintaining Your IT Is Easier With an MSP




July 2017

Total Networks Welcomes Laurie!
What Can You Do to Prevent Lightning From Frying Your Technology?
Hosting a Workload in the Cloud vs On-Premise: Which Option Saves More Money?
Boost Revenues By Outsourcing Your IT Services
Virtualization Means Accessing Game-Changing Tools for Your Business
Increased Mobile Device Use Means Increased Risk for Businesses
Why Those Who Don’t Take Data Loss Seriously Live to Regret It



June 2017

We’ve Grown!
How Software License Mismanagement Can Hurt Your Bottom Line
Next Job on the Automation Chopping Block: Pizza Delivery
4 Enterprise-Level Security Solutions in One Convenient Package
The Cloud Revolution: We’ve Seen This Before
Threats to Your Data Come From All Sides
3 Ways Managed IT Keeps Your Business in Business



May 2017

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!
Davis Miles McGuire Gardner on the Move
Ask Yourself: Does My Smartphone Have Malware Preinstalled?
Equipping Employees to Resolve Their PC Issues Has Never Been Easier
3 Tips to Get the Most From Your Data Backup
Why It’s Important to Monitor Your Event Logs
How to Ditch Your Traditional Phone Line and Save on Expenses
Here’s How to Make the Internet Far Less Distracting for Your Team



April 2017

Golfing for Good!
How to Break the Cycle of Your Technology Breaking Down
4 Ways the Cloud Enhances How You Do Business
Be Deliberate About Cybersecurity and Avoid the Worst Attacks of the Web
Want the Best IT Support? You Need Exceptional Availability
Forget Sherlock Holmes, IBM’s Watson Can Solve the Mystery of Your Tax Refund




March 2017

Radix Law: Tech Tips for Re-Branding
You Know Who’s Looking Forward to Tax Season? Identity Thieves
The 6 Most Common Technology Issues Faced By SMBs
4 New Technologies that Can Revolutionize Your Business
The Most Popular Domains Make the Biggest Targets for Email Spoofing
Why Managed IT Services are a Perfect Fit for Growing Businesses
Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your IT Consultant




February 2017

Want to Go Mobile? Make Sure Your Device Management Software Has These 3 Features
3 Ways Managed IT Can Benefit Any Business
How to Navigate Windows 10 and Find the App You Need
How Much Time Do Your Employees Waste on Social Media?
4 Ways a Unified Threat Management Can Help Your Business
Too Many Smart Devices Have Dumbed-Down Security Protocols




January 2017

Happy New Year From Total Networks!
3 Reasons Why Businesses are Going With the Public Cloud for Their Data Needs
What’s Driving the $3.49 Trillion Global IT Industry?
Make Sure Your Business Technology Covers These 2 Areas
Why Internal Threat Detection is Just as Important as External Threat Protection
Back Your Data Up and Protect Your Business From Any Disaster
Keeping Your Technology Up to Date May Be the Best Way to Retain Millennial Employees

From the Archives - 2016 Newsletters

December 2016

Total Networks Launches IT Security Training and Awareness Offering
8 Upgrades to Facebook Messenger that Make it Business Worthy
The Importance of Having a Secure File-Sharing Solution Cannot Be Overstated
How VoIP Can Enhance Your Company’s Budget and Operations
3 Ways to Give Your IT Department the Boost They Need
Why a Major Internet of Things Security Breach is Inevitable
Collecting Data is Easy; Using it to Benefit Your Business is the Challenge




November 2016

Total Networks’ Employee Spotlight: Adrianne Marshall
Implementing Softphones for Remote Workers Isn’t a Hard Decision
AOL CEO Gets His Twitter Account Hacked and the Internet Responds Appropriately
On-Site Backup vs. Cloud-Based Backup; Which is Better?
3 Benefits of Managed IT that Every SMB Can Get Behind
5 Best Practices to Protect Your Business from Ransomware
A Step-by-Step Guide to Customize Your Windows 10 Notifications




October 2016

Is IT Innovation Driving, or Hindering, Your Business’s Growth?
When IT Implementation Goes Wrong, Focus on End-Users First
5 Best Practices for Traveling With Technology
Why You Should Be Skeptical of USB Devices
How Much Money Does Your Business Waste on Slow Computers?
Cortana Gets a Little Too Clingy After Latest Update





September 2016

3 Ways Help Desk Support is Perfectly Suited for SMBs
Having a Network that’s Tested Guarantees You’ll Overcome Any Disaster
Protect You Online Identity With These 8 Tips
We Debunk 3 Common Myths of Managed IT
The Explosion of Mobile Devices is One Trend Your Business Must Account For
Just Because an App is on the Google Play Store, Doesn’t Mean it’s Safe





August 2016

Total Networks Welcomes Terry To Accounting!
Having an All-Wireless Office is Totally Possible. Here’s How!
How to Effectively Manage Your Business’s Biggest Risk Factors
Ransomware: A Hated Malware With an Intriguing Past
How to Help Your Business Go Paperless
4 Options When Discarding Old Technology
4 Steps to Quickly Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection




July 2016

How Can a Virtual Network Help Your Business?
Be Sure to Consider the Pros and Cons of Allowing Personal Devices in the Workplace
Tweak These 5 Mobile Apps to Consume Less Data
3 Common IT Shortcomings and How You Can Overcome Them
Scammers Use Whaling Attack Emails to Pose as Upper Management
You Won’t Get This Kind of Personalized Care From Break-Fix IT




June 2016

Total Networks Celebrates 30 Years!
4 Ways to Avoid Distracted Driving While Still Being Productive With Your Phone
Avoid Getting Fined by Understanding How Regulatory Compliance Works
Let’s All Move on From These 4 IT Frustrations
Making Sense of How the Internet of Things Applies to Different Industries
The Best Way to Manage Your Technology is Also the Easiest!




May 2016

Welcome Back, Mike and Linley!
Aspiring Authors Beware: An AI Program Almost Won a Literary Award
3 IT Shortcomings That Drive Employees Crazy, and What You Can Do About Them
How to Prevent the Crippling Effects of Downtime
How Cloud Computing and Virtualization Can Free Up Your Business to Do More
Ransomware: A Look at Today’s Worst Cyberthreat





April 2016

Shared Business Values Builds Winning Partnership
We are Celebrating 30 Years of Service!
Why You Should Encrypt ALL of Your Data, Not Just Your Customers’
66% of Organizations Will Wait for Their Operating Systems to “Expire” Before Upgrading
Let Us Coordinate All of Your Technology Vendors So You Don’t Have To!
Here’s Why BDR is Way Better Than Backing Up Your Data With Tape
Outsourcing IT Helps Businesses Maximize Their Return on Investment




March 2016

Personal, Smaller Teams to Deliver Deeper Relationships
How to Leverage the Benefits of Mobile Devices While Negating the Associated Risks
Your Network Needs a Virtual Bouncer to Keep Threats Out
3 Ways Remote Technology Benefits Both Your Employees and Your Business
The Cloud Makes Everything Easier, But Only If it’s Managed Properly





February 2016

Give Your Business the Advantage of Managed IT Services
How Sloppy Security Practices Put Companies at Risk
Notifications are What’s Draining Your Battery, Not Open Apps
What’s the Benefit of Using Solid State Drives vs. Hard Drives?
In the Wireless Age, Your Wired Network Might Be Outdated
Your Professional Business Needs a Professional Communications Strategy





January 2016

Bo has Joined the Total Networks Team!
The Advantages of Image-Based Data Backup Over Traditional Backup
Alert: Malware Locks Up Your PC and Offers Fake Tech Support Phone Number
Reevaluate Your Network Switches Due to Increased Demand of Wireless Technology
Your Business Must Think Long-term and Short-term When it Comes to IT
It’s Quite Possible for Managed IT to Coexist With Your In-House IT Service
Malvertising: Hackers are Paying For Ad Space on Popular Websites

From the Archives - 2015 Newsletters


December 2015

Meet Kassey!
Total Networks attends IT Nation
1 Million Websites Not Using the Latest Security Protocol Soon to Be at Risk
3 Vendor Scenarios You Can Do Without
2 Important Networking Trends You Must Consider
5 Tips to Consider for Your IT Budget
The Most Dangerous Threats to Your Business Could be Internal
How Does the Cloud Affect Your Networking Strategy?



November 2015

Total Networks and ALA support Girls on the Run
It’s Important to Keep a Close Eye on Software Licenses
Why Your Business Should be Concerned About CryptoWall
Criminals Don’t Even Need Malware to Hack You Anymore
4 Ways You’re Unknowingly Risking Your Entire Data Infrastructure
3 Trends to Watch For in Today’s Mobile Industry
Disaster Preparedness Includes Planning for Data Recovery





October 2015

Can a HIPAA Violation Result in Malpractice?
Why SMBs Need to Move Away from On-Premises Computing
How to Search the Web Without Typing
Don’t Let Underutilized Servers Hold Your Business Back
Prepare for Employee Turnover with a Foolproof Exit Checklist
5 Signs Your Hard Drive is About to Fail




TotalNetworksSeptember2015Newsletter (002)_Page_1September 2015

The Kinsey Family Vacation
Two-Factor Authentication: An Easy Way to Make it Harder for Hackers
Protect Yourself from Email Attacks By Knowing What to Look For
4 Ways to Equip Your Business With the Technology it Needs
VoIP is the Ultimate Solution for Your Communication Woes
How You Approach Technology Affects Your Entire Budget
Now You Can Blame Hackers for Your Next Speeding Ticket





August 2015

Total Networks’ Senior Engineer David Rice Earns Security+ Certification
Security Problems That Shape the Way Businesses View Cybersecurity in 2015
Windows 10 Is Just Around the Corner, But What’s the Demand
How Fast Can Your Business Recover from a Data Breach?
If Only Managed IT Service Extended to Your Car
3 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from a Private Cloud Solution
How to Properly Store a Hard Drive




July 2015

Passwords May Be “Ineffective,” But They’re Still Necessary
Improve Business Operations with Virtual Desktops
What a Firewall Does (and Doesn’t) Keep Out of Your Network
Uncovering the Hidden Dangers Lurking in Your Inbox
When It’s Hot Outside, Your Servers Are Burning Up Inside
Fans of Facebook Now Have a Facebook Business App





June 2015

Keep Shadow IT from Killing Your Business
Some Hackers Are Out to Give IT Departments a Bad Reputation
How to Set Up a Business Succession Plan
It’s Easy to Forget about Quality IT Service, and That’s Okay
Using Big Data Gives You a Big Competitive Advantage
Unfamiliar with BYOD? Here’s Where to Begin




totalnetnewsMay2015 (2)_Page_1

May 2015

Windows Server 2003 Support Ends this July
PDFs are Pretty Darn Fun
Revamp Your Password Policy with a Password Manager
Smartphones Call for Smart Security
The 3 Biggest Ways You Can Help Your IT Department






April 2015

Cyber Security Training for Your Office
4 Scenarios Where Backup and Disaster Recovery is Optimal
Will Microsoft’s New Office App Sway Dethrone PowerPoint?
How Managed IT Services Improve Your Company’s Customer Service
Should You Cut the Telephone Cord?
3 Mobile Myths to Consider





March 2015

Lunch and Learn: How to Securely Manage Your Files in the Cloud – March 19, 2015
Don’t Forget to Renew Your Software Licenses
Tip of the Week: How to Stay Safe on a Public WiFi Network
The 3 Ways to Resolve a Technology Issue
Introducing Cloud Computing to Your Business
4 Old Internet Protocols Increasingly Vulnerable to Hacking Attacks





February 2015

Total Networks Earns Respected Technology Industry Security Credential
50 Shades of Confidentiality: The Unwitting Law-Breaking Lawyer
4 Signs You’ve Been Hacked
The Value of Doing IT Right the First Time Around
4 Qualities to Look For In the Next Company that Services Your Tech
Newsflash! Electronic Signatures Deemed Legal …146 Years Ago!





January 2015

4 Business Goals that Virtualization Improves Upon
Information Technology at the Movies
Happy New Year!
How BYOD Neglect Can Ruin Your Business
Scam Artists Turn to ID Spoofing to Get You to Answer the Phone

From the Archives - 2014 Newsletters

December 2014

Unlike Lightning, Solar Flares Can Strike the Same Place Twice
4 Reasons Why Your System is Bugged
Happy Holidays!
People are the X Factor for a Successful Technology Strategy
How Secure Are Your Virtual Servers?






November 2014

Total Networks Welcomes Paul Miller!
What Do You Look for in a Cloud Service Provider?
Happy Thanksgiving!
Small Businesses Need an Intranet
Just 28% of Organizational Data Stored Has a Clear Business Value
BYOD Might Not Be a Good Fit for Every Business






October 2014

Business Partner Spotlight: D. French Advisors, LLC opens Phoenix Legal Recruiting Office
3 Ways to Keep IT Simple Stupid (KISS)
3 Sure Ways to Increase Workplace Productivity
How Much Cash Can Hackers Cost Your Business?
Data Recovery Testing: The One Test That Will Save Your Business!






September 2014

Introducing FirmSharesm by Total Networks – Business Grade File Sync
When it Rains, it Pours – Keep Your Cloud-Based Data Safe
Computing Giants Microsoft and Apple Still Fighting in New Mobile Frontier
Use a Firewall Before You Get Burned
Troubleshoot Performance Issues with These 3 Network Cabling Tips






August 2014

Partnerships and Teamwork Facilitate a Successful Office Relocation
Business Technology, The Right Way
3 Great Consumer Mobile Apps for Your Business
A Desktop Virtualization Infrastructure can Save Your Business Barrels of Cash!
Risky Business: 4 Ways to Handle Risk






July 2014

Total Networks is on the Move
WiFi Protected Setup – How Does it Work?
Happy 4th of July!
4 Easy Ways Cloud Computing is Changing IT for the Better!
How to Prevent Server Problems Like Memory Failure from Hurting Productivity
Does Your IT Department Wanna Go Fast?






June 2014

How Much is Your Data Worth?
Diagnosing CPU Issues
The Virtual Hand that Terrorizes the Cradle
Internet vs. Intranet A Lesson from Y2K’s Unsung Heroes
Microsoft Patches Internet Explorer Bug–Even for Windows XP!






May 2014

Appreciation Event at the Phoenix Suns Was a Blast!
Tips for Evaluating & Migrating Your Firm to a New Practice Management/Financial Management Software
Should Increased Mobile Malware Attacks Deter You from BYOD?
Retro 1800s Business Practices Can Cost Your Company Money!
What is a Botnet Attack and How Do You Stop It?
Avoid These 3 Bad IT Service Traps





April 2014

Welcome Newest Total Networks Employees Owen Brearley & Dionté Jones!
Windows XP Becomes a Business Liability on April 8th!
7 Surprisingly Hilarious Tech Statistics
Prevent Downtime by Planning Your Network Maintenances
How a Print Server can Prepare Your Business for the Future
Yep, We’ve Got that Covered Too!
Thieves Want Your Backup Data




totalnetnewsmarch14 (2) (Read-Only)_Page_1

March 2014

Total Networks Implements Cutting Edge Technology at Historic House Office
The Time to Upgrade Windows Server 2003 is Now
The Benefits of a Simplified   Communication Solution from VoIP
4 Important Considerations to Make When Shopping for a Server
Is Fast WiFi the Most Basic of   Human Needs?






February 2014

5 Essential Questions to Ask When Buying Mobile Devices for Your Business
4 Giveaways that Your Email is Trying to Trick You
iOS vs Android: Who Won in 2013?
Data Backup: The Bad, Good, Better, Best, and Redundant
Improve Productivity and Protect Your Business with UTM






January 2014

Total Networks Client Ridenour, Hienton & Lewis’ Culture of Giving is Readily Apparent
4 Data Loss Scenarios that can Happen to You!
Secure Your Sensitive Data with VPN
What to do with Your Old PC
The 50 Year History of Our Industry
The 4 Best Things about Remote Support


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