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Security and Compliance Services

Trustmark-Plus_Security-traTotal Networks has achieved the CompTIA Security Trustmark™, a validation of our commitment to use industry accepted IT security best practices. The CompTIA Security Trustmark™identifies solution providers that consistently follow security best practices by helpings companies to identify regulatory compliance gaps and address problem areas in security policies, processes and planning. This vendor-neutral, business-level credential has been developed with the support of technology companies at the forefront of the IT security industry.

We Know How Important Security Is to Your Business.

You are likely already covered by traditional security safeguards like firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware. And while these are essential, these platforms only target a portion of your cyber-security defense by protecting the perimeter of your network from external threats.  But did you know most experts find that 70%* of all breaches and threats originate inside the network, leaving you vulnerable where you might least expect!

At Total Networks we recognize the need to defend our clients from both external and internal threats.  For enhanced protection, we offer our cyber-security and compliance services including vulnerability scans, risk assessments, policy management and security awareness programs. Total Networks’ cyber-security services provide practical guidance and resources to help businesses manage their security & compliance. Total Networks helps you reduce risks and appropriately respond to threats and incidents. No matter where you are at in your risk management process, we believe we can help.

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 IT Security Services

Dark Web Breach Reporting

We scan the Dark Web looking for accounts that are associated with your email domain. Criminals and identity thieves use the Dark Web to buy and sell stolen or hacked information. Account information found on the Dark Web can be used for scams, phishing emails, social engineering scams and identity theft among other uses. Making employees aware that they may be a target of scams will help raise their defenses. 

Simulated Phishing Email Service

Continuous phishing awareness training is needed to keep your employees vigilant in looking for and avoiding malicious links. We can plan simulated phishing attacks to your end users. We will measure the “click-through” rate and report our findings. Any user who clicks on the link will be directed immediately to a short training video.

Security Training

The common thread in the vast majority of cyber attacks point to the weakest link in your IT network – your employees. The best way to minimize “human impact” on your business data security is through IT security training. Employee security training is really the best way to prevent a data breach. Along with securing our clients’ networks, Total Networks includes IT Security training to help educate your staff on security best practices.

Cyber-Security Service

While most businesses protect their systems and data against external threats, many overlook the biggest cause of data breaches: Internal risks. The only way to know if you are protecting your business is to know what is happening inside your network. If you aren’t currently running regular reports, or your current service provider isn’t running a regular assessment, briefing you on that assessment, and updating your management plan—something crucial might be getting missed. Our cyber-security service takes care of this need.

Risk Assessments

Security is more important than ever and taking risks is no longer an option. There are many federal and state laws protecting data. Total Networks provides independent security assessments that can be used to check up on your IT systems to meet regulatory or contractual requirements or to get a second opinion. We assist your staff with completing an administrative, physical, and technical security risk assessment of PII and sensitive company data.

HIPAA or PCI Compliance

All HIPAA regulated organizations (covered entities and business associates) must comply with HIPAA regardless of size. HIPAA compliance is an ongoing process. There are increasing cyber-security threats, more breaches every day, and increased HIPAA enforcement. Your business cannot afford to be unprepared. complianceKIT HIPAA by Total Networks is an easy way to get started or improve on your HIPAA compliance – no matter where you are in the process.

Written Information Security Policies and Templates

We provide templates for your customization for Written Information Security Policies that address data security including administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. Our cyber-security service also establishes security policies that are monitored and checked daily for violations and administrators can be alerted of issues for immediate investigation.

Our Business is More Secure with Total Networks

I am particularly impressed with my regular meetings with Total Networks’ President Dave Kinsey, where we meet to plan for my company’s technology. Our business is more secure with Total Networks. Total Networks employees are great to work with and they deliver outstanding 24×7 support. This level of system security, redundancy, and availability provides us peace of mind that system issues will not threaten our ability to get payroll processed correctly and on-time. We are very pleased with our decision to go with Total Networks to provide our IT service. It’s been a refreshing experience working with Total Networks and I recommend them highly.

Don Klassen

Partner, CFO Financial Services

All the Tools your business needs to manage security, breach prevention and compliance