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keyboard with troubleshoot buttonIf you would like to resolve some common computer issues yourself, we have identified the top common ways to troubleshoot your issue: 

1.  Restart your computer 

Sometimes a program is running in the background or hung due to patching updates that are needed. If you are experiencing computer slowness or frozen screens, try restarting your computer. Additionally, Total Networks recommends that you restart your PC when you leave for the day.  This accomplishes four things: 

  • Clears out programs and applications that did not close properly, helping your PC run more efficiently the next day. 
  • Finalizes any updates that were pending a reboot. 
  • Allows us to run further updates and maintenance to keep your PC secure while you are away. 
  • Allows you to more reliably remote into your PC later. 

At the end of the day, please go to Start (which now looks like this in Windows 10:Windows start icon)  > Power (Windows power icon) > Restart. This will minimize the times you need to restart your computer during business hours and save time on beginning your workday. Note: it is important to choose Restart rather than Shut Down or Sleep in order for your PC to receive updates and be available for remote control. 

2.  Check if you have an Internet Connection 

  • If you open a browser, can you navigate to or  
  • Are the cables to your computer and router plugged in? 

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