In early 2014 Total Networks partnered with Western Asset Protection (WAP) to support their technology. From the first day we started working together, we knew it was a relationship built to last. Total Networks and WAP share common core values and share similar stories about ways the businesses are operated. WAP’s mantra is “Your success is our business,” which is exactly how Total Networks feels. It’s our mission to provide our clients with an excellent experience.



About Western Asset Protection

WAP is the Southwest’s leading distributor of Medicare insurance, and has now diversified into Under Age 65 and Life offerings. They are a field service organization and their top priority is to exceed the expectations of their agency and carrier partners through excellence in every aspect of the Broker experience. While the family-owned agency was founded in 1982, it was purchased by Mel Rose in 1998, and now is being lead into the future by the next generation, Paul Rose and Mari Rose Tautimes.

Managing Company Growth

Approximately two years ago, WAP experienced explosive growth and needed to find a technology partner that could support their IT consistently and reliably. They had outgrown their “IT guy”, as he could no longer support their needs for responsiveness, planning, and secure reliable backups. Their business was at a crossroads.

The WAP Senior Management Team composed a list of criteria and evaluated several potential partners.   Critical on the list were quick response times, a partner to build a long-term business technology plan, reliable backups and top-notch security. In addition, reducing downtime and leveraging customer service goals were also important to WAP’s continued success. WAP also wanted a local partner that was knowledgeable and well respected. As a company that specialized in supporting insurance agents and agencies, WAP recognized the value of outsourcing technology to a qualified company.

Total Networks Partnership

Solana Bottem, Director of Operations and Information Systems for WAP, found the Total Networks business model ideal for their needs. Total Networks works together with WAP to plan and budget for the business growth for a predictable monthly fee.

Total Networks raised the bar significantly not just as our IT Partner, but with our Business Partners in general. We know we can count on the Total Networks team to respond when we call, whether we need an important document restored or have an application question. We never have a crisis, because we can just call Total Networks! And the CIO service is top-notch. We have lots of mutual trust and respect. Our expectations were exceeded by far!”


Total Networks’ VP of Client Service, Bill Fox, commented, “It is a pleasure working with the WAP team. Solana does her homework before our business meetings, and asks excellent questions, so that we can jointly plan for their business needs. We especially appreciate WAP’s full executive support and our mutual goal to exceed customer service expectations.”

What Makes Us WAPPY

The Western Asset Protection Team is a happy bunch – so much so they have a term for it: WAPPY! They have WAFF meetings and all the employees are WAPPERs. Solana Bottem commented, “We love the team at Total Networks, and appreciate the monthly site visits. And we love Marc – he is a WAPPER!”

Learn More About WAP

Solana Bottem, Director of Operations and Information Systems

(602) 955-5353