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surf camp leaders with surfboardsFor two weeks every summer our Technical Team Leader, Paul Miller, heads off to San Diego, California to help lead a youth surf camp – the Lucky Sevan Grommets Surf School Expedition.

Lucky Sevan was founded by Evan Rogers and Todd Skinner, both of Skinner + Company, and Paul Miller in 2006. The surf school is a way to help young men overcome and face life challenges and view them instead as opportunities for growth. This year’s surf expedition was held in July. When they arrive at camp, each participant is assigned to a team that is led by adult mentors. In addition to learning how to surf, they participate in games, drills and devotionals to learn qualities that are essential to teamwork, leadership and service to others. In addition to the week-long camp for young men, in 2013 the program added another week in order to host a surf camp for young women (Lucky Sevan Wahines.

If you are interested in learning more about the program or donating, please contact Evan Rogers at (602) 620-3417 for more information.