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Some Things You Need To Know Before You Do…

It’s that time of year again when most businesses are scrambling to make last-minute purchases to lighten the current year’s tax burden. One of the things many tax-savvy businesses do is purchase new office and computer equipment that will be needed within the next few months NOW so they can deduct the expense on the current year’s taxes (double-check with your tax advisor to be sure this applies to you!). But if you’re planning to upgrade your server, here are some things you might want to look into before making any decisions:


Cloud Computing. Cloud technologies are far beyond “hype.” They offer real, tangible benefits to businesses, easier access to data remotely, reduced IT complexities, fewer problems and, in many cases, a cost savings because you don’t have to buy a server and keep it in your office closet anymore. Cloud is definitely not a right fit for everyone, but you should at least consider this as one of your options.


Talk to an MSP Provider. If you’re thinking of making any upgrades or buying new hardware this year end, talk to an IT expert to see how they can save you hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars in IT services and support.


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