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It’s that time of year again…ALREADY! If you’re stumped for gift ideas this season, don’t worry. We surveyed our staff and technicians to get their gift ideas and they are back again this year with their top picks for gifts. We have gifts ranging from fun gadgets and gaming accessories to the very practical. So, here’s our list:

For Gamers

NES Classic –  This console is a recreation of the 1980s home console, and it comes loaded with 30 classic Nintendo games. One of the drawbacks is the short cord for the controller, but that will also recreate the 1980s experience of sitting a foot in front of your TV while playing your video games.

Nintendo Switch – If you want a system that transforms from a home console to a portable gaming system in a snap (literally), the Switch is for you. It can connect to your TV, you can play online with friends, but it also has its own screen, making it portable, with the Joy-Con controller. The Joy-Con controller can be combined as a single controller or split for multi-player functionality. Also, you can connect the controller to the Switch screen and have complete gameplay on the go.

For the latest in gaming, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X claim to be the most powerful home consoles on the market. Both have improved internal hardware, offering smoother game play and impressive 4K graphics. The Xbox One X offers backwards compatibility which means that you can play your older Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. The PS4 Pro also offers this feature, but at additional cost.

If you are into Virtual Reality gaming, there are several VR headsets on the market that would make great gifts. Our staff likes the Oculus Rift for newbies to VR. If you are serious about VR gaming though, consider the HTC Vive Pro or the PiMax 8K. All you need is a PC that is compatible with the device you purchase and you will have access to a world of virtual games with fun for the entire family.

For the Practical

Are you still crouching in uncomfortable positions, practically playing Twister, just to get the perfect selfie? Well, the Mavic Pro selfie drone is the perfect gift for others or for yourself to capture the perfect shot. This device allows you to produce high quality videos and photos with the simple handheld controller. Another cool feature of this drone is ActiveTrack, you tell the device who to track and it will lock on to the subject for smooth recording and photos.

Next on our list is the VGreen Pool Pump Motor. Yes, a pool pump motor. Why is this cool? The VGreen pump motors boasts up to 40 to 80 percent in energy savings versus standard motors. They work with the VLink App that can be downloaded to your smart device. The VLink App allows you to monitor and manage energy consumption and control your pool pump’s settings from anywhere.

Another practical and cool gift is a HUD device for your automobile. There are many different options on the market but we are featuring the Kivic HUD. This device uses screen mirroring technology that allows you to use your smartphone’s navigation and other apps in daylight or in night mode. The images are augmented to appear on your front windshield in front of you. Your vision isn’t blocked by a bulky device on your windshield or the dash, and you are able to remain connected, but safely.

Some other honorable mentions in this category for the practical, but still awesome gifts, are the iPhone Xr, Xs, and Xs Max, the Apple iWatch Series 3, the Google Pixel 3, the Surface Pro 6, and the Nest Hello doorbell.

That concludes our list, but we’d love to know what gifts you think we left off of our list. Let us know in the comments below!