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workers in open flexible workspaceAs the pandemic and shut-downs are fading, professionals are faced with decisions on how and where to work in the new normal. For many, it is a welcome return to the office and in-person interactions. Some businesses may be wondering about ways to reduce office space or offering flexible plans. If working from home or a coffee shop some or all of the time is enticing to you or your employees, there are some considerations to discuss with your IT.

Before you decide to invest in a flexible office space (such as  We Work or Regis office), review these top considerations.


Checklist for business needs before moving to a flexible office space:

  • RAll line of business applications are hosted or online, or reside only on your PCs. If you have a server, this is not an ideal workspace.
  • RYou do not have more than 8 employees. A growing staff is likely to have network needs that may be difficult to achieve in a shared office space.
  • RYour employees do not need to communicate with their office PC or any other office equipment when they are not physically in the office.
  • RYour business does not rely on extremely high bandwidth. Despite what the building may indicate, our experience is that bandwidth is not guaranteed. It will be frustrating if you are working with ultra-high definition streaming or transferring large files.
  • RYour company phone system may not function as expected. We strongly recommend a VoIP system that can be accessed without any onsite equipment, such as 3CX Cloud.
  • RIf your business has any security compliance requirements, check with your IT first. A common requirement for compliance is to have an office that is segregated both physically and logically from any other office. This is not typically possible in shared office workspaces.