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We’d like to introduce a brand new face, Chris Stubenrauch, at Total Networks in a brand new role, our PC Deployment Specialist.

At Total Networks, we are always looking for ways to improve service for our customers. One of the areas where we felt we could make an improvement was with our PC deployments. In looking at our previous process, one machine would pass through several hands before being placed on a user’s desk. We found that this wasn’t the most efficient use of our most valuable resources – our technicians and our time.  Creating this role allows us to focus a single person on the task of PC setups. It also allows our other techs to focus on client issues and not attempt to multitask between client tickets and PC tasks which reduces the opportunities for error and creates a more consistent process.

Some of you may have already met Chris, and you may have already seen the benefits of the ‘white glove’ service that he is able to provide to each of our clients. After a recent large PC deployment project, one customer commented, “…my hat goes off to Chris for his attention and consideration in this project. Chris is great to work with, has a good eye for detail and adapts well to the evolving processes as we experienced it.”

All of us at Total Networks are very excited about this new role and having Chris join our team.