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We have two new faces for our help desk team! Please join us in welcoming Emmanuel Garzon and David Lopez!

Emmanuel GarzonEmmanuel Garzon grew up in New York, where he attended the New York Institute of Technology. After graduating, he moved to Southern California, initially to work in film production, and rediscovered a passion for computing technology. Over the next decade, he worked for healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente, providing technical support to hospital staff, along with training incoming staff in the use of EMR (electronic medical records). After earning his CompTIA A+ certification this past April, he was hired by Total Networks, marking his formal transition into information technology.

Emmanuel can often be spotted with a deck of cards in his hands, practicing sleight of hand; a hobby of his since childhood. Married, with an 8-year old son, he loves spending time with his family. His current ‘guilty pleasure’ is binging episodes of ‘The Amazing Race’; a reality competition about traveling the world and participating in grueling physical tasks; something he enjoys watching from the comfort of his couch, in his air-conditioned home — the irony isn’t lost on him.


David LopezDavid Lopez earned a Computer & Network Technician Diploma from UEI College in Phoenix. He comes to Total Networks after working in the Techical Care Center for CableOne/Sparklight, and Internet Service Provider (ISP). He has experience troubleshooting a variety of issues for both business and residential customers.

David enjoys watching movies/ and TV shows. He is also a huge Arizona Cardinals fan. He loves and grew up watching and playing football his whole life. He has joined the David club – Total Networks now has three employees named David!