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person with phone and computer for two factorsWe hear about breaches in the news every day. We must all take security extremely seriously. There are many tools we must have in our arsenal to fight this cybercrime battle. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one that cannot be disregarded. If someone hacked into your email account, and you did not have multi-factor authentication configured, they would be able to reset your password for most of your online accounts. All it would take would be to click on “Forgot Password”, and wait for the link to come to your email inbox, and they would have the key to reset your password and lock you out.

Arming your employees with multi-factor authentication for your e-mail means that criminals cannot access your accounts with a password alone. They must also have a second factor, such as a code you receive via text message or an application. It is simple to set up, only takes a small extra step to log in the first time, and goes a long way to protect yourself and your business.

Additionally, many cyber-insurance providers are beginning to inquire if you have this level of protection (as well as others) in their annual underwriting questionnairesFailure to have this level of protection may result in increased premiums or denial of coverage. 

Cyber attacks are on the rise and every company is one easy-to-make mistake away from spiraling into financial ruin or forever tarnishing their reputation.  Enforcing MFA is one way to manage that threat. Contact us today to learn more or to get a security risk assessment.