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Building a Collaborative Culture

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs
“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

We Value Your Time

We properly plan and avoid problems in the first place. But when you need help, our team responds and resolves issues quickly. Our techs answer the phones live; we don’t just take a message and call you back when it is convenient for us — we value your time too much for that.

Time is the most precious commodity that we all have. We honor your time by being efficient and effective in working with you. Total Networks exists to give you more time and help you achieve your business objectives.


Planning & IT Strategy

You will have a dedicated account manager and engineer team lead you can count on every day. The heart of our service is delivered through regularly scheduled business technology  planning meetings.

All clients have a 3-year written business technology plan to forecast needs for growth and manage areas for improvement. These plans help ensure that your risks are managed, that there are no surprise expenses, and that you are constantly evaluating and optimizing your technology to take advantage of innovation. 


Total Networks has achieved the CompTIA Security Trustmark™, a validation of our commitment to follow industry-accepted IT security best practices. We consistently help our clients identify regulatory compliance gaps and address security policies, processes and planning.

We offer tools to train your staff, as well as compliance services to monitor network activity and assist with regulatory assessments.

Total Networks’ Executive Team

Dave Kinsey

Dave Kinsey


Dave manages strategic direction, enabling Total Networks to deliver superior returns on IT investment for medium-sized and smaller firms. Dave is an active author on IT security and compliance and serves on the Technology Advisory Group for the State Bar of Arizona. He is a continuing legal education speaker for the State Bar, American Healthcare Lawyers’ Association, and others. Prior to Total Networks, Mr. Kinsey was responsible for Inter-Tel, Inc.’s technology as the company grew from $100M to $460M in annual revenue, culminating in an acquisition by Mitel. Mr. Kinsey received a B.S. in Computer Science from Northwestern University.

Tony Fiorentin

Tony Fiorentin

VP, Technical Service

Tony leverages nearly 30 years of technical consulting and technical management experience as he coaches Total Networks’ technical team leaders. Mr. Fiorentin oversees technical aspects of the firm’s operations and implements and enforces company security controls to ensure that all data is secure and protected.  Mr. Fiorentin is responsible for the technical aspects of project implementation as well ongoing support.  Tony works closely with the executive team on security and compliance initiatives. Prior to Total Networks, Tony was the Manager of US Network and Systems at Mitel. Mr. Fiorentin received a BS in Computer Science from Western International University.

Stephanie Kinsey

Stephanie Kinsey

Chief Executive Officer & CFO

Stephanie is responsible for executive leadership and execution at Total Networks. She excels in efficiency, management, and organizational skills. Stephanie is also Total Network’s Security Officer, leading efforts to achieve and maintain Security Trustmark accreditation. Stephanie’s awards include the Titan100 and Arizona’s Top Business Leaders. She Prior to Total Networks, Stephanie was a senior project manager and owner at CMX, a Phoenix-based civil engineering company. Stephanie is a graduate of Northwestern University, with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree and is a registered Professional Engineer. She brings 30 years’ experience in engineering and consulting to her role at Total Networks.

Bill Fox

Bill Fox

VP, Client Service

Bill Fox is the Vice President of Client Service for Total Networks. Bill and his team manage the proactive business technology reviews with Total Networks’ clients, including security assessments, technology reviews, and recommendations. Prior to joining Total Networks, he was IT Operations Manager for Inter-Tel, overseeing a network with over sixty locations in the U.S. and overseas. Bill has over 30 years’ experience in business and technology management. Bill received his Bachelor of Science in Economics from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.


We collaborate with our clients to jointly create and maintain an up-to-date 3-year, effective written technology plan and budget. We schedule proactive visits, we provide training. Total Networks helps ensure that our clients’ technology is efficient, effective and take advantage of the latest advances in technology.


We avoid recurring issues and effectively fix things right the first time. As a result, we get relatively few calls for help, but we are immediately available to help anytime day or night.


We exist to provide time for our clients – time to be efficient and productive. We honor our clients’ time by helping ensure that everything works correctly in the first place and whenever our clients need help we provide that assistance as rapidly as possible and with the least impact to our clients.