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We provide outsourced IT Support and IT Consulting to achieve:

An efficient and productive workforce 

A confident road-map for your technology plan

More time to spend on your business

Security best practices to avoid risk

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The Total Networks Difference

IT Support Done Right

Total Networks brings your business to the next level with our strong leadership team – whether you are looking for completely outsourced IT or IT support for your in-house team. Through our uniquely structured collaborative planning & strategic business consulting process, we work together with our clients to jointly create and maintain your business technology plan. This collaboration ensures that you are proactively managing your technology needs and providing efficient and modern technology solutions. We will keep your team productive, so you are not blindsided by risk issues, problems or costs.

Total Networks - IT Consultant - IT Technology

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance are more challenging than ever. Total Networks helps you make sense of the rules and assess your risks, to facilitate the safest technology and policy decisions.

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Total Networks - IT Consultant - IT Technology

Innovative Technology

Total Networks’ business technology consultants collaborate with you to implement the most efficient, streamlined technology, without sacrificing security.

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Total Networks - IT Consultant - IT Technology

Employee Productivity

Through our business consulting process, we work with our clients to create personal, customized IT training specifically tailored to the needs of their individual businesses.

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We are a growing small business so this is our first IT Support company we have worked with. Total Networks has been an absolute lifesaver for us. They have saved us on countless occasions and work hard to keep us up and running and compliant. The service I like the best is the ability to have a technician come onsite to help with all matters. On several occasions, we have had a technician come in to solve an issue we didn’t even know about yet. Total Networks is always one step ahead and makes us feel that our technology is safe.

Alex Bordt

HIPAA Officer, Melmed Center

The bar set by our previous IT partner was set low due to our rapid growth and business model changes; our IT needs were not addressed appropriately or comprehensively like they are now.

Total Networks raised the bar significantly with not just our IT Partner but our Business Partners in general. We look forward to continuing to improve our IT systems and processes as well as continue to find IT solutions to many of our business processes we would like to improve. We are completely happy with the relationship we have developed with Total Networks, as well as appreciate the referrals that have generated new and important Business Partners. I appreciate your team and specifically how fantastic they have been to us.

Solana Bottem

Director of Operations and Information Systems , Western Asset Protection

When comparing the experiences of my recent managed services provider with Total Networks, the service was worlds apart….LITERALLY! After switching to Total Networks, I felt much clearer about the direction we were headed, better about the choices we made and I was actually experiencing the ease of doing business (the time savings) that the previous provider promised but NEVER delivered on. My time has truly been freed up!

John Binsfield

General Southwest Insurance Agency

Partnering with Total Networks has been the best technology decision we have made.

Gregory L. Miles

Founding Partner, Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC

Security & Compliance Services

We Know How Important Security Is to Your Business.

You are likely already covered by traditional security safeguards like firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-malware. And while these are essential, these platforms only target a portion of your cyber-security defense by protecting the perimeter of your network from external threats.  But most breaches and threats originate inside the network, leaving you vulnerable where you might least expect! At Total Networks, we recognize the need to defend our clients from both external and internal threats.  Total Networks’ cyber-security services provide practical guidance and resources to help businesses manage their security & compliance. Total Networks helps you reduce risks and appropriately respond to threats and incidents. No matter where you are at in your risk management process, we believe we can help.