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What happens after the agreement is signed for

Total Networks to become your new IT Consultant?

timeline for total networks it consultant onboarding

Total Networks is your IT Consultant from Day 1

Total Networks will be available for IT Consulting and IT Support immediately, and we begin a detailed process to come on-site to fully document the current state of your technology. Additionally, your IT Consultant/ Account Management team will provide you a client questionnaire to help us confirm important information such as providers of internet, phone, copier, line of business software, and emergency contact information within your firm and your building office(s).

If we identify any mission-critical tasks, particularly any significant security risks, or items impacting your productivity, we will begin to address them right away. Your IT Consultant will also begin compiling information for our first business technology review (BTR) meeting. After about 30 days, we will have the initial BTR meeting. The quality and efficiency of technology planning is what differentiates Total Networks from other providers. In this meeting, we will begin to work with you to develop a focused plan for the next 3-6 months as well as a 36-month roadmap to take your business where it needs to be regarding its technology. Our IT Consulting and Account Management process will determine priorities, discuss options, budget and dates for what needs to happen. The audience for BTR meetings should include the individual who acts as your Chief Operating Officer (COO) or Firm Administrator as well as a business owner.

As we begin to carefully evolve your technology to improve it, we will continue to provide support for your firm by a combination of on-site and remote support. Additionally, follow-up ongoing regular IT Consulting and Planning meetings with your COO and a business owner with Total Networks is essential. These ongoing BTR meetings occur between 1 to 3 times per year depending upon the size, complexity, and changes to your business. We always do our homework before these meetings, listen to your concerns and desires, and collaborate with you to maintain an optimal 36-month plan and budget.

How our IT Consultants Work with You

We listen to your business goals and concerns
Our IT Consultants help you plan a preliminary strategy
We on-board and begin IT Support
We meet with your leadership team to refine the plan, set timelines and budgets
IT Consulting is ongong; we meet regularly to update goals and plan for your business success.

When comparing the experiences of my recent managed services provider with Total Networks, the service was worlds apart….LITERALLY! After switching to Total Networks, I felt much clearer about the direction we were headed, better about the choices we made and I was actually experiencing the ease of doing business (the time savings) that the previous provider promised but NEVER delivered on. My time has truly been freed up!

John Binsfield

General Southwest Insurance Agency

Partnering with Total Networks has been the best technology decision we have made.

Gregory L. Miles

Founding Partner, Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, PLLC

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