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Total Networks’ Approach

Managed Services Provider who values your time - time and money concept
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Our central core value is that we value our clients’ time.

We have a culture that encourages all employees to regularly ask themselves “is this making the best use of our client’s time?” and “is there anything we can do that will make better use of our clients’ time?”

As your Managed Services Provider, we start with a solid technology roadmap. This roadmap evaluates and determines the most effective technology to meet each client’s needs. And this roadmap will evaluate, prioritize and mitigate potential risks and problems. We develop and maintain this roadmap through regular Business Technology Review meetings with our clients. We do our homework before each meeting. By thoroughly preparing, we make the best use of everybody’s time. In each meeting, we listen. We collaborate. And we are always working on a series of short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals to best take advantage of ever-evolving technology options. All of our managed services clients have a written three-year budget and plan. We know where we are going and can avoid surprises and unexpected expenses along the way. Focusing on proactive planning helps us have comparatively little reactive support. This allows us to have happier clients and helps us to be extremely responsive to the relatively few support requests we receive.

We respond to emailed requests for support in a timely and efficient manner. However, for matters that are urgent, we ask that our clients give us a call. When anyone invests the time to pick up the phone and call us, we honor that time investment by immediately connecting you to someone who can help. In the IT industry, this is called a Live Answer Help Desk. It is common for some Managed IT Service providers to simply take down your information and call you back when it is convenient for them. We simply value our clients’ time too much to operate that way! We are built around the concept of thoroughly handling each call IMMEDIATELY. And because we know how valuable your time is, we try to wrap up each call as quickly as possible so you can get on with your day. We never want to take too much of your time.

In summary, our clients’ time is valuable. It is our job to honor their time with the most efficient, secure, and cost-effective technology that works all the time, every time, everywhere. And whenever a client needs assistance, we must be immediately deliver quick and effective support. This is why Total Networks exists.

Your Business Technology Roadmap

We collaborate with our Managed Services clients to jointly create and maintain an up-to-date 3-year, effective written technology plan and budget. Our business technology consulting includes face-to-face meetings with the business owners to focus on high-level business strategy. We also prepare strategic technology assessments we review with your technical manager to ensure compliance and security issues are addressed.

Total Networks invests in time to research, test and vet the best options for your IT architecture plan. Keys to success include fundamentals like identity management, single sign-on, 2-factor authentication, self-service password resets, and cloud technologies that can increase security and productivity for your team.
Business Strategy Meetings

Our managed IT service includes face-to-face meetings with business owners to focus on high-level business strategy. We also prepare strategic technology assessments we review with your technical manager to ensure compliance and security issues are addressed.

LIfeCycle Management
Your Director of Client Service will work with you to develop a plan to refresh equipment to  maintain supported operating systems and efficient hardware. Your plan will help manage warranties, software subscriptions and software updates.
Vendor Management
We coordinate with other vendors for things like circuits, printers, internet, conferencing, faxing and more. Total Networks’ IT vendor management solutions will help reduce your frustrations and headaches, getting you top-quality services at the right price.
Security Focus
Total Networks is committed to security best practices. All IT Support plans include security tools. We also provide a security assessment, identify gaps, and create an action plan to continually update your business security technology tools and systems.

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Total Networks delivers premier IT Support that Phoenix businesses depend on. We offer a complete, scalable outsourced IT Support Phoenix solution for businesses of 10-200 employees that value technology. If you are ready to take your Phoenix IT Support to the next level, complete our form or call us at (602) 412-5025 for a complimentary consultation.

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