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Outsourced IT Support

“Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.”
– Jim Collins, Good to Great

What are the Benefits of Outsourced IT?

Total Networks focuses on Outsourced IT Support for small to medium businesses. Depending on your business needs we provide either complete or selective outsourcing to provide an optimal solution. It is important to review the roles of each of your employees and evaluate if everyone is right for your business needs. Do they all have the right skills, the right alignment, and the best utilization for optimal performance? Here are some reasons why businesses consider Outsourcing IT Support to Total Networks:

Technology and risk management is strategic and the stakes are high. 

The importance of effective technology is crucial to the success of many businesses. Additionally, managing risks such as data breaches are critical. When the stakes are high, businesses outsource IT support to Total Networks to help ensure that systems and risks are properly managed

To keep up with evolving technology. 

Many internal IT departments, especially small ones, have a hard time keeping up with day-to-day support, let alone keep up with evolving technology. More mature IT Outsourcing companies like Total Networks have a leadership team focused on business-level management. We work with our clients to continuously evaluate where their technology is, the state of technology, and help constantly maintain a plan for where our clients’ business technology needs to go. We excel at collaborating with our clients, jointly planning, and budgeting. We have strong training and project management to execute the plan. We have strong processes to manage ongoing support and security.

Outsourcing provides access to a larger pool of resources. 

Total Networks has a team of trained and experienced staff to provide outsourced IT Support 24x7x365. This provides better coverage and economies of scale than an internal IT person, We have training and experience with more applications and shortcuts than a small internal staff can provide.

Total Networks provides access to labor-saving monitoring and management tools which are cost-prohibitive for a small business

An in-house monitoring system may not alert anyone if it’s located in your office. Total Networks has a sophisticated monitoring system that checks your systems constantly, and technicians who review and respond to alerts every day. An external IT team can monitor your system more closely than any of your staff. This is the key to identifying and correcting root cause issues before they create downtime.

Outsourced IT support organizations focus on staff training and certification, resulting in higher efficiency. 

Total Networks has a strong focus on training our staff who are continually updating their certifications and staying ahead of the technology learning curve. Employee training is a common business challenge and opportunity. Total Networks can help. Through our consultative process, we work with our clients to create personal, customized training specifically tailored to the needs of their individual businesses.

Third Party Perspective

When you’re working with your own system, it’s easy to get a little bit of tunnel vision. An outsource consultation, however, will help you get a better big-picture perspective of where your network efficiency and security really lies in the grand scheme of things. If you’ve fallen behind the curve without realizing it, an outside team can bring you a valuable third-party perspective, then help you get updated to the latest and best of everything.

Increased Security and Regulation Compliance Focus

Having a managed service provider is one of the best things you can do for your network security. Our team will help keep your defenses closed against hackers and your security configuration up to date. While your on-site staff can get caught up in daily or seasonal excitement, your outsourced managed IT team will steadily protect and update your network, reliably maintaining solid network security.

Also, most industries are subject to at least one if not several sets of IT safety and client privacy regulations. From HIPAA to GDPR, there are a lot of little IT tasks that are necessary to maintain your valuable compliance status. Archives will need to be combed for outdated information, encryption and deletion processes need to be maintained and updated, and even compliant software needs to be properly configured before it can protect you and your clients. An outsourced IT service can take these tedious tasks off your plate, keeping your business compliant without all the hassle.

We help businesses evaluate if they’ve got the right people on the bus and the right people in the right seats for technology management.

If you would like some assistance in evaluating who you have on your bus managing your technology and the seats that they are in, please request a complimentary consultation.

Outsourced IT Solutions

IT Support Plan Options
We proactively collaborate with clients to develop a Smart IT Plan to avoid technology disruptions. We take the time to understand where you are headed. Our managed IT service ensures that your technology strategy keeps evolving and being effective.

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Outsourced IT Planning & Strategy
Total Networks outsourced it team meeting with a clientThrough our unique structured collaborative planning and strategic consulting process with your outsourced IT account director, we work together with our clients to jointly create and maintain your technology business plan. This collaboration ensures you are proactively managing your technology needs, so you are not blindsided by risk issues, problems or costs.

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Outsourced IT Support for In-House IT Staff
Total Networks provides strategic outsourced IT to supplement your in-house IT staff. We have developed many strong relationships with IT directors and IT help desk staff at other firms. Developing a partnership to outsource some IT needs offers several benefits:

  • Greater set of expertise and resources
  • Escalation of more advanced needs
  • Project management, system architecture design, and planning
  • Tools such as ticketing, patch management or remote monitoring

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Backup & Disaster Recovery
Protecting Business Data, No Matter Where it Lives

backup and recovery cloud imageTotal Networks’ Outsourced IT Support plans include comprehensive enterprise-grade backups of your data. Whether your data is in the cloud or on-premise, we have you covered. Losing company data (whether from human error, ransomware attacks or natural disaster) can be costly to your business. Proper data backup is essential.

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Outsourced IT Training
Outsourced Technology Training for Businesses

IT Training for BusinessEmployee training is a common business challenge and opportunity. Total Networks can help. Our dedicated Director of Training helps our clients address key employee training needs. Through our consultative process, we work with our clients to create personal, customized training specifically tailored to the needs of their individual businesses. Read more

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Our business was growing, and we felt that it was a great opportunity to look for a new IT Provider that could help us to get setup. We began talking to Total Networks early on before our move, and they have been with us through that transition. I have referred them to anyone that I know that is looking for an MSP.

Tom Hayden

Business Development Manager, Premier Underground

Dave Kinsey and his team take a business-oriented, proactive approach to managing technology. Rather than simply reacting to problems or telling us we that we need to upgrade this or that, Total Networks is much more effective business partner. They take the time to meet with us in a consultative fashion allowing us to jointly prioritize and develop a solid technology plan for the future.

Kathleen Trejo

Firm Administrator, Aiken Schenk Hawkins & Ricciardi PC