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restart your computer regularly

We recommend that all Total Networks clients restart their computers at the end of the workday. This simple habit not only improves overall performance, but it also allows patches to be installed overnight for better security and fewer interruptions. There is no need to login to your computer after the restart (until you are back at work the next morning).

For a number of reasons, a restart works best. Locking the computer screen, closing the laptop lid (hibernating) or shutting down the computer does not have the same benefits as a restart. If a daily restart is inconvenient, then aim to restart at least once a week (preferably at the end of the day Friday).

Outlook in Office 365 has a helpful new feature that makes it less of a chore to restart your computer. When you close Outlook with open email windows, the next time you launch Outlook it will prompt you whether you would like to reopen those email windows.

Restarting your computer may even save you a call to our IT Support help desk if your computer is not performing like it should. However, if you are still having issues with your computer after turning in off and back on again, contact our IT Support Help Desk for more extensive troubleshooting.